Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Test flash animation - "Munchy" 02

Test Flash Animation 02


rough 01


"What is this?!"

It was fun practicing flash for a whole day activity.

Today was very productive day, I shall self pet on my head.

Hope enjoyed my testing animations.

Hyeon I Son.

My Old Portfolio Blog spot: http://hyeonison.blogspot.com/

Test flash animation - "Munchy"

My original concept story / character "Munchy" testing animation samples.
Quick action on animating to get familiar with adobe flash before working on some actual stuffs.

Pen drawing walk cycle (initial stage)
took photo with my iPhone was a bad idea.

Walk cycle animation 

Walk cycle animation (Colored)

Testing animation rough 01 Munchy.

some testing flash animations before working on actual logo-intro opening animations.

Hyeon I Son.

My Old Portfolio Blog spot: http://hyeonison.blogspot.com/

Friday, July 24, 2015


Hyeon I Son
Sunny Artist of Lakewood, CA

Animator/ Character designer/ Concept artist/ Visual development artist

Costume Play Model

Portfolio (Deviant): 

Currently working on BFA Degree at 
Woodbury University, Burbank as Animation major undergraduate student in Senior year.

Looking for an internship (School credit requirement at Woodbury University, Burbank).
Any animation related studio, art skill related open job or opportunity is highly interested!


Familiar with: 
-Adobe programs (Photoshop, illustration, after effects, flash)
-Sony vegas
-Toon Boom (Harmony and Storyboard)
-Flip book animating program
-Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
-3D Maya
-Open Canvus
-Corel Paint


Korean and English 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

[Requested Lyric Motion Graphic] Animated Music Video of [Science of Hypocrisy] English Lyric Work

I Subscribed the Lyrics to the animated music video.
I had poeple who wanted to know the meanings of lyrics, but had problem
for translating, so for the practicing of my Vegas Pro, I made the version
with English sub in the MV. 

Translated lyrics, I got it from Ponifra. 

I was requested of English translated lyrics to be within this animated music video.
Tried to not so different from the Korean lyrics as it is also in the music video, I assume it worked
well and balanced to each others.

Thanks for watching, and I hope my first time motion graphic lyric work for  animated MV is
helped you guys for understanding the song. 


[Science of Hypocrisy] Song written by. Professor Yun, 
Used Vocaloid: SeeU (Vocaloid 3)