Monday, May 18, 2015

Digital Character illustrations/designs/fanarts assemble

Room One-layer painting

Used: Window Vista Paint (Left)
Adobe Photoshop CS3 (Right)

One-layer only challenge decorative room design paint


Character Designs

Original idea based characters

Used: Photoshop CS3 and Saitool


Still in progress works

The left side is concept art for a friend who was planning a project inspired by Song, "Dark Wood Circus (Vocaloid)". This project was cancelled so do my project. It was only idea concept painting to direct her idea plans. It was painted on Adobe Photoshop only.

right side work is for a gift digital concept painting for my dear friend Gavin.
Her original character is the one underneath of my character where she is hugging a boy with grey long hair. This was fully painted using Adobe Photoshop only.

Saitool painting, "Artesian the night elf", 2013.

to see how did I was working this piece please click the Youtube video and blog post about it: 

Original concept painting, "The Duchess Magician", painted with Adobe Photoshop only.

Used: Adobe Photoshop and Saitool

These digital paintings are still in progress.


 Short Idea Organizing Comic Strip based on Original character by Me.
After painting an elf I was originally painting about "Lazy Elf", I drew a short comic strip about how much he is "LAZY" to help the bunny stuck in the hole. 

For a little hence of hint, the bunny which stuck in the hole is the working in progress for my submission to gallery "Curious Conversations". They were opening a gallery of inspiration based up of  "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll.

The gallery will be open on 5/29 which is my birthday 'till June 28th.
My pieces submitted for this gallery will be available for purchases. It will be printed and framed.
Here is the information I've gotten from Rochelle Perry.
Publicity for the theatre
P.O. Box 94387
Pasadena, CA 91109-4387
(626) 683-9205
fax (626) 683-9172
Press/media contact: Philip Sokoloff, (626) 683-9205,
WHAT: Curious Conversations. A new show comprised of eight short plays inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass.
WHO: Conceived by Rochelle Perry. Directed by Madelyne Heyman and Shane Labowitz. Produced by Rochelle Perry and Natasha Troop for The Eclectic Company Theatre. Writers: Eric Duhon, Nancy Cooper Frank, Suzie Heaton, Michael Maiello, Rochelle Perry, Gabi Rodriguez, Marni L.B. Troop, Natasha Troop.
WHERE: The Eclectic Company Theatre, 5312 Laurel Canyon Blvd. (between Chandler and Magnolia), Valley Village, CA 91607.
WHEN: May 29- June 28, 2015. Fri. & Sat. at 8:00, Sun. at 2:00. Also Thursdays at 8:00 on June 11 and June 18.
ADMISSION: $18. Students, seniors, groups $15.
RESERVATIONS: (818) 508-3003.
ONLINE TICKETING: www.eclecticcompanytheatre.orgESTIMATED RUNNING TIME: 100 minutes, plus intermission.
CONSUMER ADVISORY: Suitable for ages 12 to adult.
* * * * * *
The worlds of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass provide the inspirations and springboard for an entertainment comprised of eight new short plays:
An Alice of a Certain Age by Nancy Cooper Frank - Decades later, Alice rediscovers the rabbit hole. She meets up again with the Caterpillar, eternally young—in his own mind at least. And she meets up again with the Duchess, whom age has certainly not improved. Will she let these two define the limits of growing older? Or will she, instead, rediscover wonder?
The White Rose by Gabi Rodriguez – Usually, the Mad Hatter keeps to himself. Well, himself, the March Hare, and anyone unlucky enough to stumble upon his perpetual tea party. So what happens when he drops by Wonderland’s finest tavern, the White Rose, to have a chat with the Cheshire Cat?
Meet the Tweedles by Eric Duhon- A day in the life of the Brothers Tweedle as they attempt to perform their magnum opus, a five-and-a-half hour masterpiece (sans intermission) of their personal history, fistfuls of philosophy, and just a touch of poetry.
Looking Through the Glass by Michael Maiello- As Alice prepares for her wedding, she receives a visitation from the woman within the looking glass.
Hard Boiled Alice by Suzie Heaton - Has Sam Spade met his match when he meets Alice from Wonderland?
Toke by Marni L.B. Troop- The Blue Caterpillar seeks catharsis by attending an addiction meeting.
Of Cabbages and Kings- by Natasha Troop. A briefly historical tragicomedy about the fates of the Walrus and the Carpenter after they consume their oyster appetizer.
Quit While You’re a Head by Rochelle Perry- After losing most of his business due to the Queen's tyranny, the Hatter needs to figure out a way to stay alive (and even get ahead) in this cruel mad world.
The cast of Curious Conversations includes Nathalie Blossom, Amanda Charney, Melanie Cruz, Abby Gershuny, Carissa Gipprich, Seann Hallinsky, JC Henning, Dai Kornberg, Meghan McConnell, Merileigh Moen, Adrienne Pearson, Tim Polzin, Nicolette Shutty, Lisa Stanley, Eugenie Trow, Diana Vaden and Nathan Werner.
Associate producers: Meghan McConnell and Adrienne Pearson. Costume design by Tsebahat Fiseha and Becky Van Cleve. Set design: Natasha Troop.
Curious Conversations: You’ll find it as strange and wonderful as the books that inspired it.

This was one of final project I did for Layout Course at Woodbury University, Burbank.
Fully painted through Adobe Photoshop.
I was referencing the art piece I found from Deviant Art, curse to my low capacity of memory, I forgot the name of the artist and the direct link (my apologies for the artist! I will soon fix it if I find the name of an artist and the piece).

Character Digital illustration, "RED in the modern day clothing".
This was one of painting I did for my visual development course with Doug Post at Woodbury University during Fall 2014. 
Painted with Photoshop only.

I wanted to add this piece in the end of my visual development course pitch to show how will RED -the original character based from The Little Red Riding Hood, and came up with original concept story, character design, layout design, background, etc.- in the modern society clothing. 
I was referencing clothing styles from Google Image Search Engines of "Bohemian modern clothing".

Concept Character Illustration, "Nature and A Boy".
Painted with Saitool only.

Character design, dynamic duo project, "Jane the Killer and Antagonista", [Messing Up Your Hair!] for Character Design course by Justin Rodrigues during Woodbury University Fall 2014 semester.
It was also included as final submission.

It was first rough sketched by hand with pencil, cleaned line with ink pen, scanned, and fully digital painted by Adobe Photoshop.

Fan Art for Five Nights at Freddy's - "Chica"- [Let's EAT!]

I only took 20 minutes to paint this. I was fully enjoying to paint my first fan art for FNAF.
Five Night at Freddy's is a horror game whereas haunted animatics killing anyone who enters the Freddy the Pizzeria.