Monday, May 18, 2015

Junior short animation film, "Scoutin' About"

Completed scenes with full coloring, clean up and with background adjusted.


*I am only uploading few scenes I have worked, due to the small capability of space,
I have selected scenes that I thought it is nice to show and where I fully worked from rough to key poses, clean up to complete coloring. There are many more other scenes throughout the film I had worked, but I had to select few to show on this blog*

*Some of scenes are not exported to movie files but remained as harmony files, because of expensive cost of software, I do not have Harmony to export them into movie files*

I have permitted to upload my scenes I have worked on for this short animation film.

The film is called, "Scoutin' About"

it was a short animation film fully created by our group members:

Emily Carson - Production Manager, final character designer, and compositor.
Christian Alvarez - Director, background painter
Zare Oganesyan - Storyboard artist, story artist
Julia Quant - Head animator

and me, Hyeon I Son - as Prop designer, clean up artist, animal designer and animator.

It is a short animation film shortly over 3 minutes.
(The junior films are supposed to be under 3minutes cut short films)

A little girl scout had her mission to successfully deliver all of her cookies.
Then, she finds her last home to deliver her cookie moved to the Amazon jungle in Brazil.
Due to her eager to deliver her cookies, she hesitate to start her journey in the deep Amazon jungle
and faces her obstacles....

Everyone had to work on animating because due to the fast deadlines.
I was the rough prop designer and animal from the film, then Christian or Emily would have finalizing with color variation.
Many sources were provided by Julia, because of her life from the Brazil.

It was very fast-paced production with high level pressure from the pre-production to complete short film.

Therefore, even though we had our stable position title, everyone had to divide some works, and do every jobs.

For me, personally, I did many scanning, cleaning the scanning on photoshop to import them cleanly on Toon Boom Harmony to animate it digitally.
I was given many scans to scanned it, organizing, there are scenes where it was not my scenes to scanned. Except those scenes we could directly animate, we had Julia, our head animator and Zare (because of major stacks of work, this needed two people to done) to do the pencil drawing tests first.
That is why we had scanning jobs to do.
Zare also had done many scanning while I was animating on Harmony.

For me, after pre-production (I did prop designing and animal designing for jungle), I was mainly done: rough sketch on Harmony for many scenes, key poses, cleaning lines, then fully coloring by the color palettes given. 

It was challenging as well as exciting to learn about new software called, Toon Boom Harmony and working with talented group members as under the exact form of animation studios out in the industry.

There were instructors of respected also helped, advised students as we went through junior studio to create short film.

They are...

Dori Littell-Herrick, Dave Brain, and Jim Richardson. 

Also, many professional to view our films to give us feedback/suggestions/advise.
We had credited them in the ending credit.

Because lacking of time, our ending credit has to be shorten, and many of position were have cut out.
Due to that, my name was only credited for 'animator'.
I was a bit disappointed to see my name small due to amount of works I also had put while making the film, but I appreciate of this precious experience and the team members whose were also had worked very hard to complete this film.

and  we all know,
Our most thankful of 6th member, Caffein.
With out help of Caffein, I believe that  none of student could survived through.

Hyeon I Son.

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