Monday, May 18, 2015

To see 3D Maya works/Drawings/Sketches/etc. Visit my previous blog

I have previously made my portfolio blog that have more works of mine.

It includes...

Autodesk 3D Maya works where I worked it while attending Glendale Community College, learning about intro level of Maya by instructor, Kathy Bauer, 2012 Winter.

My figure drawings, gesture drawings, my illustration book collections, sketchbook collection, etc.

It is my pleasure that anyone who visiting my blog also view this blog to see more of my works.

My strongest is digital painting, oriented characters, but I also do know how to use other softwares , can work on traditional art, painting, hand-drawing and many other abilities.
I also have deep inspiration and connection with animals. As I was little child, my home continuously had animals (but my home was not a farm). Due to this, I have deep love for animals.
Although now it is more focusing on cats, since I have two pet kitties named Summer and Creamy.

Therefore, I was very happy and enjoyed my animal drawing course I just took for Spring 2015 semester at Woodbury University with Joe Weatherly as an instructor. 

I am seeking to make my senior film about these two special lovely creatures and tell story about how could these two lovelies live a life with me.
But the reason of my senior film has to be cut under 2 minutes short film, this would be only the intro episode of where two cats first meet each others (as I said, they are very special and have unique personality for a cat, it was very different of their first meeting together).

I can animate digitally as well as traditional pencil.
I prefer digital, mostly adobe Flash and ToonBoom Harmony. 

This newly developing blog is where I will upload most recent works I did and I will do for my senior year at Woodbury and continuing the upload after graduating (hopefully) Woodbury.

I am thankful those whoever visiting this blog as well.

Please contact me if you have further discussion/suggestions/questions for me through email, then ask about phone number or even meeting in person.

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Best regards,

Hyeon I Son.

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